Dog Care and Raw Salmon, Is it Safe For Dogs

If you are worried about is raw salmon ok for dogs, you are not alone. There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t feed your canine companion raw salmon. Salmon is rich in essential fatty acids, but the skin can harbour parasites and be harmful to your pet. Additionally, salmon can be poisonous to dogs and may even contain harmful bacteria. Here are some tips to make sure your dog doesn’t end up having an unpleasant experience.


Avoid giving raw salmon to dogs

While it may seem like a natural diet for your dog, you should avoid feeding your canine friend raw salmon. The fish may contain harmful parasites that can cause serious health problems, especially in older dogs. Symptoms of salmon poisoning in dogs include lethargy, loss of appetite, loss of muscle strength, and even kidney damage. If you’re concerned that your dog may have ingested raw salmon, read on for more information.


Salmon skin is high in essential fatty acids

There are many risks to salmon for your dog, but it is generally ok for dogs to eat its skin. First, ensure that you cook the salmon properly. It should be fully cooked to remove any bones, which can be dangerous for your dog’s gastrointestinal tract and a choking hazard. Next, avoid cooking salmon in oils. Especially avoid cooking salmon in oils that contain garlic and onions. These substances contain a highly toxic substance called propyl disulfide, which can damage red blood cells and result in anaemia.


Undercooked salmon can harbour parasites

You asked is raw salmon ok for dogs, well no it’s not. Undercooked salmon can be a source of fish-borne illnesses in dogs, and there are several different species. The most common species is Neorickettsia helminthoeca, which is a Gram-negative coccoid in the Rickettsiaceae family. This organism infects salmon and other freshwater fish, and the entire life cycle requires three different hosts – a dog, a snail, and a fish. Dogs that eat raw or undercooked salmon may get gastrointestinal parasites, such as a worm known as a metacercaria.


Salmon skin is not appropriate for dogs that need to lose weight

For dogs that need to lose weight, you can avoid giving them salmon skin, as it contains more fat than the meat. While salmon skin has many benefits for dogs, it should not be given to your dog in large quantities, as it can cause pancreatitis or intestinal upset. If you are worried that your dog is gaining weight, you should cook the fish with the skin off before giving it to your dog.


Safe alternatives to raw salmon

Compared to raw salmon, cooked fish is a much better choice for your dog. Not only is cooked fish free of bones, but it can be fed in the same way as raw meat. Cooked fish does not carry the risks of salmon poisoning disease, which has been reported to affect dogs mostly in coastal regions of North America. Salmon is contaminated with Neorickettsia helminthoeca parasites, but cooking the fish kills the parasite.